Ecco Le Marche

Have you ever wondered the origin of a country’s name?

Here’s a smattering of history to introduce you the origin of Le Marche.

The history of Le Marche dates back to the Stone Age, and has undergone some extremely violent periods. The Picens were the first population to leave important traces that forged the beauty of..not-yet-named-Le Marche. Indeed, at that time, the territory of the Picens was known as Picenum.

It was only from 1815, after Napoleone, that Le Marche started to be officially used.

Before that, in this area that was once the boundary of the Sacred Roman Empire (mark was namely the Germanic name for boundary or frontier), there were many..Marca. A Marca (singular of Marche) is a territory governed by a marquess, and around 1000 A.C. there were many of them; Marca Firmana (around Fermo), Marca Anconitana (around Ancona), Marca di Camerino and Marca Picena.

Yet, the name of our region plays an important role: it recognizes the importance of the plurality and diversity of the populations living in it.

Let’s say, a plural name for a region that has developed an unquestionably plural personality.

Marche Provinces originated from important previous Marca


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