Mamma Graziella

She’s Graziella, my skilled mum. She is an authentic marchigian she-cook and she is the one that has passed on me her love for travelling and our beautiful region, Le Marche. She loves trying to reproduce old recipes, only watched from her mom or grand-mother. The funny thing? She only learnt to cook after having married my dad, especially thanks to old recipes books on Le Marche. Our kitchen is full of them! When she was a little girl, she just enjoyed watching people cooking, not even cared about learning how to do it.

I could not even cook an egg!!!

She says delighted in front of her latest successful dish. See how far she’s got?

She’ll be your marchigian guide through our cooking tradition. We are not sharing perfect dishes, nor precise recipes, but only authentic ones. We will choose very peculiar recipes, each with a traditional ingredient, and also with huge doses, as the tradition wants.

Enjoy, and buon appetito!


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