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A treasure hunting can be unveiled only by whom has already completed it. And this was the case with Claudio Ciabochi, the publisher of the pocket guides series Le Guide in Tasca on hidden places to discover all around our area. It was thanks to him, that we visited a special place in Jesi, Palazzo Bisaccioni. As many palaces in Jesi, also this one dates back to the 16th century, where every powerful noble family in this important county owned a palazzo.

The only witnesses to the 16th century are the coat of arms and the door frame on the outside of the building: the interiors date back to the 19th century, when the private house turned into Jesi’s first savings bank. The majesty of this Palazzo, and its elegance, are well visible through the 1950 stained glass windows in the staircase, with every municipality having a branch of the savings bank represented by its coat of arms. 

Historically, the banking system moved elsewhere in 1992, and since this year the private foundation for cultural patrimony was the only owner of the palace. The foundation interest focuses on works of art, their preservation and restoration, if needed: some of them are housed in a hall of the palazzo, among which you can also see precious icons, displayed in a bank vault.

Visits can be done every day, but if you go on Sunday you may have the chance to enter the offices not in use, to admire the original furniture. The place is so magical that it also hosts a ball with a 19th century style.

Every film-watcher would appreciate all this, but where is the hearth of the bank? The bank vault that only Lupin could assault. Here the bank vault is original: it has remained intact from 1950.
It is like a step in the past: you can see old calculators, private areas where the owner could check his / her belongings, the guard’s desk that handed down the owners the 2nd key to be able to open the safe.

…and of course, money!  A whole collection of historical coins and banknotes can be admired here.

What if the guard had accidentally locked you up? Do not panic! An escape hole offered the possibility to leave the safe after the closing hours. One had to be somewhat agile to crawl through this.

We look at our wallet: well, it is as full (or empty)  as at the beginning of our visit, but we discovered again an original museum. And maybe Lupin would think about it 😉

Opening hours: from 9.30-12.30 and from 15.30-19.30, every day, even on Sunday. Free entrance. For exceptions to these opening hours consult their website.

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