Ecco Le Marche

Remember when we talked about the farming tradition in Le Marche? Well, have you ever entered a bar turned into a museum, or viceversa? In Jesi you can! Today we are taking a refreshing, freshly made, seasonal ice cream while diving in history in Bar Trieste. The bar was opened in 1911 by Angelo Capogrossi’s parents. More than a passion, it is like an addiction: Angelo was helping in making coffee from the early age of 8, and never stopped ever since!

More than a bar, it really made the history in Jesi. Nowadays there’s the 5th generation working in it, and the bar saw many little changes throughout the years that made it a reference point for every citizen in Jesi, and not. Don’t let the sign outdoor mislead you: once entered, you’d have one full day to see everything. At the beginning, the bar had a billiard table, and from 1950 the ice cream counter was added. They try to have less flavors, but fresh and, above all, seasonal. According to Angelo, it’s good to add some spices every 20-30 years, so in the 80s he started his agricultural collection. And you can see them everywhere: from the walls, to the indoor tables to the outside little garden. They are 3000 in total, and I bet you wouldn’t know the original function of most of them.

Both good in Summer and Winter, because the garden is perfect to escape the Jesi heat, and the candlelight perfect to enjoy a glass of red wine, or vin brulé, during cold winter evenings.

Feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of the city? Visit Viale Trieste, 10, then!


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