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The basement is usually the best place to keep the darkest secrets, but in this case the cellar couldn’t have more to offer. I am speaking about the one in Cupra Montana, which was originally the cellar of the 18th century Monastery of Santa Caterina, not in use anymore. After a beautiful and careful work of renovation, the it is now the MIG – Musei in Grotta [Musea in the Caves], a museum complex in which you can really dive into the tradition, history, eno-gastronomy and much more of the small town of Cupra Montana.

The biggest role is played by the Wine Label Museum, a unique collection of wine label from all over the world (literally, the exhibition is divided according to the continents). There are only few more collections like this one around the world, but they are all private, while this one is accessible to the public almost every day.

Signor Rossi was the first one to start to detach the wine labels and collect them; soon enough he started to receive labels from all over the world, even without the help of internet! From 1987 the whole big collection became public, hosted in the Palazzo Leoni, until 2016, where it was moved to the MIG. The labels are displayed in a chronological order for the oldest ones, and then continue with a journey all around the world. You’ll be surprised knowing in how many countries people produce the wine.

But there isn’t only the Wine Label Museum, indeed its name is Musea in Caves. All of them are related to the wine, though, the golden product of Cupra Montana. Its celebration is held on the first weekend of October, by the so called Sagra dell’Uva. Along the corridor you can see the posters of all the editions: from the oldest one in 1928, to the most recent. This wine festival is the oldest one in Le Marche, and the second oldest festival in Italy.

Then it’s time to understand what makes Cupra Montana the perfect place for the wine, especially for Verdicchio. History, geography, traditions and even flavours are displayed right before entering the Enoteca. Here you can finally taste the local wine, only made by producers of Cupra Montana.

What is also traditional in Cupra Montana is the knowledge of herbs with medicinal properties: they are distributed in the small botanical garden, just outside the MIG.

Definitely worth a visit, grab a pen and jot down the opening hours:

The MIG, musei in grotta.
Entrance fee 2 Euros for adults, 1 euro for holders of the Cupra Card.

Opening hours from May to September:
Monday-Saturday: 10.30-12.30 + 16.30-19.30
Sunday: 16.30-19.30

Opening hours from October to December:

Saturday + Sunday; 16.30-19.30

Out there on request.

Corso G. Leopardi 59,
60034 Cupramontana
tel + 39-0731-780199

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