Ecco Le Marche

So, maybe you’re right. If in a social gathering there are Italians around, sooner or later the topic “food” will pop out. And I’ll tell you more, we are also champions in combining food and physical activities, especially in Le Marche. Do you remember “Magnalonga”? That was even walking, eating and dancing with the Folcloristic Group of Cupra Montana.

What if this event comes also with a guided tour? Here it is “Passeggiando Degustando”, an interesting walk around Cupra Montana, with some historic, natural or artistic highlights. Since 2013, the event finishes with a tasty buffet and a small concert.

Last year, for example, the concert was held in the cloister of the Beato Angelo Abbey. The years before we walked through the vineyard of the Verdicchio wine, visited the various churches and attended the inauguration of the restored Roman fountain.

The 2018 edition has also a guided tour in the White Friars Monastery in the agenda, with an expert tourist guide who showed us the treasures of this enchanting place.

Afterwards, at the end of the walk, of course a buffet with a glass of Verdicchio wine, accompanied by good music by Brutti di Fosco.
Walking, eating, drinking, exploring and listening to music..what else?

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