Ecco Le Marche

Let’s face it, in just two days the most joyful month of the year starts. As to give this month the right spotlight, we begin to go trough some Christmas traditions, that maybe were born elsewhere, but we, as citizens of Le Marche, succeeded in making them unique.

It’s not definitely an Italian, nor from le Marche, tradition, that of the Christmas Tree. However, in our region we’ve found a way to make it special. Instead of having a Christmas Tree decorated with lights, every year we have lights that together form a Christmas Tree. And it is quite big!
During the weekend of 8th December, which for the Catholic tradition marks the day of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, a small hamlet, called Castelbellino, placed atop a hill relives the Christmas atmosphere with traditional markets, Winter food and drinks, and the biggest Christmas tree made of lights in Le Marche.
We have the right numbers to corroborate the idea that it is the biggest one: the perimetre is 1012 mt. enlighted by a total of 73 neon lights.
Through the years the Tree has been changing a lot, starting only with a few lights, turning into a colourful installation that covers the whole side of the hill for a total of 21,360 square metres area!
And the position is quite strategic, as it is very well visible from the motorway, since the Christmas tree stretches for 134 m (not to mention that the hamlet itself is only 261 m. a.s.l., it covers the whole hill for real!).


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