Ecco Le Marche

Ever since I have started to study tourism subjects (especially marketing), I have always looked at Le Marche as my future field of work where, one day, I could apply my knowledge. I could totally picture myself helping the local Destination Management Organization to promote my beautiful region within the national boundaries and, more likely, abroad…

…and now the moment has come! Destinazione Marche (the blog published by the Social Media Team and the Fondazione Cultura of Le Marche) has nominated Ecco Le Marche as one of their official Ambassadors!

Isabelle, Elke and I couldn’t be happier than this, when we received these kind words from the Social Media Team:

[…] we have evaluated your blog in terms of quality and regularity in publishing your posts, and also in terms of your active participation in our events. We are happy to nominate you as “Destinazionemarche Ambassador”.

What does it mean, to be a Destinazionemarche Ambassador? It means to share our stories and our personal points of view through our blog, Facebook page and Instagram profile, in order to promote our beautiful region abroad.

For example, by partecipating in the Photowalk organised by the #destinazionemarche blog, we can get to know the other ambassadors (you can find the whole list in the website: ) and create new networks with only one goal.

As a marchigiana myself, I have to admit it, now I am the proudest marchigiana EVER!

Thanks, #destinazionemarche!




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