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Yesterday it was the World Earth Day (21 April) and more and more we hear the media talking about the need to go back to a simple life, where the relationship with nature was one-to-one.

What if we tell you that from end of the 80s there is someone living near our little village that has embraced this kind of life and never got rid of it? We are talking about Fabrizio who decided to buy a very old country house near Cupramontana and has lived without modern technologies (including running water and electricity) ever since. That is when he founded the “Tribù delle Noci Sonanti”. He has been open to welcome everyone that feels like expertimenting this simple life style, and among them there was Gessica, from whom Siddharta will be born some years later.

Is Siddharta a lucky boy? Should he live a “normal” life? What is normal and what is “too much” nowadays?

Some years ago a beautiful documentary tried to answer all these questions, following Fabrizio and Siddharta in their daily lives, and wondering if the tribù is where Sid should stay or if it is time for him to go back to the modern world.

In the documentary you can see our beloved green hills, the incredible peace and quietness of the nature just around the corner, and the beautiful old traditions that we often forget about. The Tribù has its own garden, eats only vegetarian meal (honey is the only food coming from animal sources), washes their laundry in the old way, and bakes bread. I personally find it a beautiful window into a life that we hardly think it could be possible nowadays.

The film is in Italian with English subtitles and it is available on demand on this link:

The world premiere was held at the  Biografilm Festival – International Celebration of Lives in 2019 where it got the Hera Prize for New talents.The film was produced thanks to the funds for cultural activities of Le Marche Region.

If you want to get a sneak peek of the documentary, you can watch the trailer here:


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