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Baking demonstration

Last year, the municipality of Cingoli, together with the local hotel management school, organized a Cavalluccio baking demonstration.

Cavallucci are a typical winter pastry from the Apiro/Cingoli/Cupramontana region that contain a filling of dried figs and nuts, but also the legendary Sapa grape must.

Isabelle was there and writes: “The afternoon was nice and entertaining, with professional explanations and of course delicious tastings. We also got the recipes at the end.” Here is your report from last year.

This year there is a whole Cavalluccio festival!

The response to the event was so positive that this year they are organizing a whole sagra (celebration) out of it: La Sagra del Cavalluccio a Cingoli.

The celebrations began as early as Friday, December 8th, as it was a public holiday. But there is a Cavalluccio market all weekend. And on Sunday, December 10th, you can attend the show cooking at 4 p.m. at the Varnelli Hotel Management School.

The recipe for Cavallucci

Can’t be there yourself? Don’t worry, you can find the recipes in our article from last year or consult the recipe from our Mamma Graziella!



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