Ecco Le Marche

Le Marche has it all, mountains, hills, borghi and coastline. And by coastline I also mean FISH. Delicious, tasteful and yet, expensive fish. Even though the majority of our restaurants knows how to mix together quality and convenience, eating fish is not something that every wallet can afford. Hence, the original idea of a fisherman co-op from Fano to start a self-service fish restaurant at a fair price.

The first one opened in 1939 in one of the beach resort of Fano: at that time the freshly caught fish was prepared and eaten near the local fishing village. We can say that the fishermen were the real pioneers of the street food already then! They used to drive around with a big car furnished with a cooling department and cooking fire in order to have their fish ready for sale.

Do you know what Pesce Azzurro is in Italian? It is a common word that describes very easily fish to be found in our seas. Usually it refers to the herring, the mackerel, the sardine, the mullet and the shallard. What a better name to give to this new concept of restaurant?

It started out as a permanent self-service restaurant in Fano, but very soon it spread also in the near-by region, Emilia Romagna, i.e. in Rimini and Cattolica, and back in Le Marche as well (Senigallia and San Benedetto del Tronto).


You shouldn’t expect a fancy restaurant, but more of a cozy and familiar place, with long tables, many Italians, children playground, and even eco-friendly cutlery! Try to avoid the water bottles, as the tap water is much, much better!

A typical menu would cost only around 13€ with 2 antipasti, 1 primo, 2 side dishes, wine and water included! Even takeaways and home delivery are possible!

In Summer you can find it open 7 days a week, in the afternoon and in the evening, consult the website for the remaining months!

A selection of their dishes: marinated anchovies, risotto with seafood, fried calamari ……

Buon appetito!


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