Ecco Le Marche

Elcito is the small hamlet that you cannot find by chance, you have to go specifically looking for it. The strategic position, at 824 a.s.l., is not fortuitous: it was indeed part of the defense array of San Severino Marche. This town has had many defence stronghold, called castelli (castelli), but I think that Elcito is the most charming among them.
It is sometimes called the village of the wind, and you can easily understand why, as soon as you get closer to it.

The name Elcito comes from elce, the holm oak, and the inhabitants were mainly farmers and soldiers, that could live out of the resources they had without the necessity of a small market. 

Life in this small hamlet must have not been so easy, and we can also imagine it, thanks to the old photographs and descriptions hang on the historic walls all over the place. Because of the height of Elcito, the snow in Winter was a serious problem, it could reach also 150cm and made the hamlet completely isolated.

While strolling around, you can expect an old lady stepping out of her stone house, carrying a vase full of water; or the family’ father baking the bread in the common wood oven.

There was also a school in this remote place, and it was in the little square where the Church also is. Walking around Elcito is kind of magic, you can enjoy the silence and imagine the history of this place everywhere! The centre has been majestically restored throughout the years, and lately it has become also a starting point for Nordic Walking Trails! And for the rumbling tummies, don’t worry, there is a “Ristoro” called Il Cantuccio, offering typical dishes.
If the photos here have not tempted you enough, have a look at a full collection of original videos  . 


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