Ecco Le Marche

As we already mentioned in our article 24 hours Ascoli Piceno, in the earlier centuries people built towers as a status symbol, the higher the richer and more powerful they were. But of course the towers originally had a defensive and guard function. Often erected at high points in the landscape, so that the area could be surveyed and residents in the area could be notified in time.

Such a surveillance system based on towers can be found around San Severino Marche, among others. Anyone driving around will immediately notice the tops of the surrounding hills, ruins or partly inhabited villages with a tower. Via the towers, which were always clearly visible to each other, people communicated with each other with mirrors and/or via smoke signals.

We drove around San Severino Marche where we first reached Isola. From a distance the village still seemed fairly inhabited, but once we got closer we saw that it was mainly holiday homes.

In 1305 this castle village was already mentioned in a certain deed of sale. The tower would be 25 meters high.

Then we drove towards Aliforni. In 1247 it was sold by the Bishop of Camerino to San Severino Marche but conquered in 1445 by Smeduccio. The latter belonged to the hated family that we already mentioned in our article San Severino Alto. During this robbery a lot was destroyed, which is why it is not possible to see much anymore, except for the tower (between 23 and 25 meters high). Since the towers were built on a high point, you are always assured of beautiful panoramas on nice days!

We continued our tour to the Borgo Pitino. Numerous objects from the Picene period from the 7th century BC to the 5th century BC were discovered here during the 1940s and 1950s. These can be seen, among others, in the Archaeological Museum of Ancona and in that of San Severino Marche.

There was already a castle village here in the 11th century, but because it was located on an important route, it was also interesting for conquerors. The remains that we see now mainly date from the 13th/15th century. A gate remains to be seen, as well as remains of the defensive wall and some churches. Here you simply park on the edge of the village and then walk around the grounds.

Of course, you can also enjoy a beautiful view here. It’s a pity that this tower (23 meters) as well as the previous one, is closed, from above one would have an even more magnificent panorama!

There are other remains of castle villages with towers in the area, but we will save those for another time. You can always end your tour in San Severino Marche itself. We wrote about this in our article San Severino Basso.


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