Ecco Le Marche

When I was a child there was one tradition of birthday parties that used to mark the threshold of the “not a child anymore”-like parties: the fact that you could not only enjoy the party for a whole afternoon but even stay over for dinner! It was a real accomplishment!

There was no other meal that more than others was the “birthday parties meal”: the legendary pasta al fumé. To my disappointment, I discovered many, many, years after the children birthday parties, that this kind of pasta sauce was only in use (and actually, it is only known) in Le Marche!

Proudly enough the inventor and pioneer of pasta al fumé disclaim this great invention in his restaurant, called “Mac’iste’s”. He’s a real character, not only for his creativity but also for his personal story.

In fact, his name “Maciste” is the nickname he’s using related to his achievements in bodybuilding, which in 2017 led him to win the 1st prize for the middle-Italy competition for bodybuilders over 60 years old. Yes, you read it right! Stefano Marzi, his real name, was born in 1948 and in his 30s he invented the famous “maccheroncini al fumè”. There is, indeed, only one kind of pasta that can be cooked with fumè sauce: maccheroncini.

As you may imagine, the recipe is quite secret, but he has shared some ingredients with the prestigious Italian cooking magazine “La Cucina Italiana”. It is a mixture of three melted kinds of cheese, crunchy bacon, sour cream, and spices. We don’t know which spices are in there, but we can assure that the result is super tasty and unique.

The restaurant has 100 places in winter time, and 150 in Summer, and it gathers together more and more generations of locals, that enjoy not only a freshly made dish but also its gigantic portion!! It seems that also foreigners started to like this precious dish as our Elke shows 😉


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