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Last year post was all focused on one of the most important and revolutionary female character of our region, Maria Montessori. This year I would like to celebrate the woman by introducing you to the animated art in Le Marche.

I know, this may sound a little bit confusing, just keep reading and you’ll understand why.

First of all! The 91st edition of the Oscar has just passed and do you know there was an Italian, well, MARCHIGIANA, who won the Oscar? I know, I know, it might not have been so essential, but there was. I am speaking about Sara Pichelli, the comic artist beyond the “Best Animated Feature” – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Sara was born in Port Sant’Elpidio in 1983 and she illustrated the cartoon main character, Miles Morales, who, according to her coworkers, made their following job much easier.

Congratulations, Sara!!

Since the Women Day isn’t meant only for grown-up women, but for the whole female world, I would like also to talk about another cartoon, which became the worldwide known animated television series: The Winx Club.

The pen beyond the 6 protagonists fairies is Iginio Straffi, an Italian entrepeneur who succedeed in creating a successful cartoon. The story is very simple and appealing for a younger public: 6 magic teenagers attend the School of Magic in the County of Alfea and try to solve the ordinary (well, not really ordinary) problems.

The cartoon was soon made into a series which was brodcast in over 150 countries worldwide. But this isn’t enough: there are also three films, two spin-off series, a comic book serial, lines of fashion dolls and other merchandise.

Today’s post is not only about women: it is about the creativity of our region.
It doesn’t really matter if we are speaking about a woman who created a male character, or a man who created female fairies. What is really important is the message of the empowerment that these cartoons can deliver to a wide audience.

And a little magic never hurt nobody! 😉


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