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Our blog is a modern relative of the old-fashioned guide book, which apparently is not as old as it may seem. Seen that I am open to new technology, but I do have a passion for paper, I accepted to write and translate into English the new guide book of Cupramontana: Cupramontana in tasca.

This guidebook is part of a collection called “Le Marche in tasca”, or also “Pocket guide to Marche” edited by Claudio Ciabochi Editore. There are many villages in our region that have been already presented in this collection, but more is to come. The guide book does not only present the history, the culture, the attractions and the food of the specific villages but also curiosities, events and about 100 beautiful pictures!

What is also very interesting is the variety of other covered topics: there is, for example, a guide book on the “off the beaten paths” or on unusual places, that are normally not the protagonists of a guide book.

The guides to the villages are translated into English, whereas some of the topics are also covered in other languages, such as German.

It was really great to find the right info to include in the guide, to choose the topics and to translate everything into English, but I really enjoyed it! The translation was particularly difficult because of specific vocabulary, but I hope I got everything right 😉

You can find the guide books also on Amazon. 


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