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Today we are talking about a real insider tip – so inside that it is literally inside a natural reserve: the Restaurant il Bucatino in Jesi. It was Elke’s husband who usually bikes in this area, to discover it. The restaurant can only be reached via a wide gravel road, and it is usually full of locals.

Tourists rarely eat there and that’s why we would like you to give it a try. It has the most classical regional cuisine, together with some famous Italian dishes, as the Bucatini all’Amatriciana (hence the name), cheap price and very well organized and friendly service. Being known merely by locals, it has no website, but only a phone number to reserve. Neverthless, fans or friends of the restaurant made a Facebook page for it.

When you turn into the unpaved parking lot under the shady trees, you see the restaurant entrance and wonder: is this the right spot where the restaurant is or am I in a greenhouse? The steel structure is indeed surrounded by glass, and this is the restaurant room that can accommodate 80 to 100 people.

What you see outside is what you expect to see in a natural reserve: in fact, it is a Natural Reserve! Ripa Bianca belongs to the WWF, and the greenery and the Esino river seem to be the perfect location for a restaurant.

You can see the location and layout in this little Youtube video:

The waiters are busy and busy, wine and water are placed on the tables in large carafes without being asked. Diego, the owner, greets many of the guests he seems to know: workers, some older people from the area, couples, entire sports groups. There is no menu at the tables: there is a menu at the entrance with prices and the usual dishes for rough orientation, but the waiters explain what is available. And – a rarity in this area and an untouristic restaurant – Diego himself speaks English and helps explaining the dishes.

The selection of dishes is really appealing and for everyone! Indeed even Elke and her husband prefer different dishes: Bucatini for him and pappardelle with wild boar sauch in white wine for her.

But there are also fish and seafood dishes, the thick fave beans typical of the region and a mixed grill, where you can find a chop, fennel sausages and the delicious liver wrapped with bacon and laurel.

And if you are going in Summer, a shady porch outside is waiting for you!

After the meal you must go to the counter and pay there. When Elke praised the kitchen, Diego says that he is proud to continue running the restaurant the way his father did it in the, I think, 70s and 80s (at that time it was called “Il Boschetto della Chiusa” ). The menu of that time still hangs above the cash register and you can see that there were also daily changing, weekly recurring dishes, and above all that there was the Bucatini all’Amatriciana every day:

If the photos have awakened your appetite, follow the link to Google Maps to discover where the Restaurant il Bucatino is located..


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