Ecco Le Marche

Now that the borders have finally opened and you may have started planning your holidays, let’s have a look at how you can get to Le Marche.

Do you like to travel by car ?

Via Switzerland or Austria? Inquire via the ANWB or at the Touring about the costs of the vignettes and / or tolls in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. This is how you determine the cheapest.

Isabelle with a typical 500 Fiat

Do you prefer to travel by plane?

Le Marche may not be on the top flights’ destination from abroad, but we do have an airport! In recent years, the airport in Ancona-Falconara expanded and we can fly directly to Weeze, Brussels-Charleroi, London, Berlin, Paris and Munich.

Perugia airport, an hour and a half’s drive from Le Marche, offers a good alternative. Here you can go to Rotterdam, Brussels-Charleroi, London and Vienna.

From Bologna, 2 hours drive to Ancona, you fly to Brussels, Brussels-Charleroi, Eindhoven, London, Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Vienna.

Pescara, 2 hours drive to Ancona, to Brussels-Charleroi, Frankfurt-Hahn, Weeze, and London Stansted.

Roma Ciampino (3h 20 minutes) and Roma Fiumicino, (3h 40 minutes) have numerous flights, which are best consulted on their website. Depending on which airline you choose, you will land at the relevant airport.

If you are not staying in a city, you should know that public transport, especially in the summer months during the school holidays (mid June-mid September) and in the backcountry, is not very efficient.

By train:

The funny thing is that you can find the best information about international train travel via the German Bahn website.

If you want to go from Brussels or Amsterdam to Milan, the fastest way is: Brussels / Amsterdam-Frankfurt and then Frankfurt-Milan. There is also a night train from Frankfurt to Milan.

Once in Milan you can book your trip to any major Italian city through the Trenitalia site. If you arrive on time, you can really travel cheaply! There is also a Frecciarossa from Milan to Ancona which covers a distance of 3.20 minutes.

Nowadays there is also the Italo Railway Company, where one can also travel from Milan to Ancona.

Pay attention ! If you buy a ticket at a counter or vending machine, don’t forget to print it before you get on the train, if your ticket doesn’t have a seat reservation!

Another possibility: the car train “Urlaub-Express” from Hamburg via Düsseldorf, Köln, Frankfurt, Würzburg, Munich, Kufstein, Innsbruck and Bolzano to Verona. Only during the summer months.

By bus:

There is a Flixbus connection from Milan, if traveling cheap is your thing.

Buon viaggio!


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