Ecco Le Marche

The music teacher Danilo Donninelli from Monte San Vito came up with something original to keep the children engaged with something unusual in a playground. The path was already there, so why not use it in a more entartaining way?

The municipality’s youth council was enthusiastic and with the help of theater artist Giulia Maria Marini’s artistic design, a “play” path was created that can also be easily copied and realized by other municipalities.

Gianni Rodari Park: “I write for the children, because I always have new ideas in my head, hoping to make someone laugh and help him or her to understand the world” (Gianni Rodari, 1820-1980)”

But how do you play? Well, the instructions are simple and integrated into the path: painted hands and feet speak for themselves!

And it’s not just fun for the kids, blogger colleague Isabelle did it for you:


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