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Because of the difficult Corona year, in which even the Christmas celebrations at home are different than usual, many Marchigians and many Italian communities have come up with something to create a particularly beautiful and magical Christmas atmosphere in the towns.

And Fabriano has really outdone itself in creating this magical atmosphere! Isabelle and I went out and watched the “Video Wrapping” spectacle in Fabriano. Video images are projected onto historical buildings with the appropriate audio accompaniment so that you can enjoy them from a safe distance and in the fresh air. Our fellow blogger Elke is now in Germany but she would have loved the spectacle as well!

There were video productions at the Palazzo del Podestà from the 13th century, the city tower from the 16th century and the cathedral from the 17th century. And the piazza greeted them both from afar with a large, shining Bethlehem star!

The projections repeated every 10 minutes so there was no rush to walk around to admire everything. We first visited the Cathedral of San Venanzio, where we actually had the whole place and the beautiful spectacle all to ourselves, while the crowd was still waiting for the ones in the piazza to start! Well done how the music and pictures were adapted to the contours of the building. See for yourself and enjoy:

Then it was the time of the production at the Palazzo and we were downright overwhelmed by the projection there. Belissimo! Look:

The spectacle on the clock tower was unfortunately too complex to film, but it was quite impressive.

On the way there, we also stopped at the church of San Filippo, where the Infiorata Association (the association that normally decorates the flower carpets on Ascension Day) had created a beautiful “Mary with Child” carpet.

I am very happy we managed to look at the show with our eyes (we were a little bit afraid that there would have been too much crowd, but there wasn’t in the end). Congrats to Fabriano that has created a beautiful show!

And we wish you, loyal blog readers, too, and greet you with a “Buon Natale” (Merry Christmas) !!!


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