Ecco Le Marche

When I was a child, I remembered going with my grandpa to fill the bottles of glass he carefully stored in his cellar. It was a joy to drink that fresh water, especially in Summer, coming from the small drinking fountains. There were many around my area, but he knew exactly the best ones from which the freshest water would come.

Aqueduct of Cupra Montana

The drinking fountains, or fontanelle, are a distinguishing mark of all Italy, and Le Marche of course. Drinking water was an important matter also for the Romans, who could wisely provide even the small villages with aqueducts.

In the area of Monte Gorgovivo, there is a water plant that can also be visited, that catered for the needs of many villages around it. The water comes directly from the mountainside, and the source of the drinking water can also be reached by an easy walk between Valdicastro and Poggio San Vicino; from here we can see even the remains of the former water pipes.

Tastes change throughout the years, and we are getting used more and more to commodities. That’s why nowadays it’s common to find the water houses, in addition to the fontanelle.

How does such water house work? They are small buildings from which either still or sparkling water can be taken. When it comes to pay, there are various possibilities: with a subscription, a rechargeable card or you pay at a time with coins. It costs barely 0.05 Euros per liter.

It’s normal to find many people chatting around the water house, maybe it’ll be soon a place to gather people from the village! What’s more, it’s the most eco-friendly choice you can make: by not buying plastic bottles you’ll help the environment!


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