Ecco Le Marche

I have never given a credit to Italian markets until I started talking to some German friends… oh my, how much they love them! And frankly, I could never understand why! So let’s hear what Elke has to share with us on this matter: I’m all ears!

In Italy I always enjoy going to markets and that’s not just because of the often nice weather, which makes strolling around even more fun.

Since I love cooking, I of course love the food markets (just think of the famous fish market at Venice’s Rialto Bridge or the gourmet market at Campo dei Fiori in Rome – fantastic!). The small markets that exist in the towns, like ours in Cupramontana, are also nice: here you can buy food, but also household goods and clothing. And we always meet people there because you don’t just come there to shop. A little chat with friends is also part of it.

But Thursday is reserved for a special market: a few times a year we go to the large clothes market in Senigallia’s old town.

The market has a lot to offer:

  • a large market with countless stalls
  • different price and quality classes: from cheap second-hand goods to boutique fashion
  • There are also household textiles, handicraft materials, sports clothing, shoes and bags
  • many “Made in Italy” products at reasonable prices (but also cheap goods from Asia)
  • the old town streets of Senigallia offer a wonderful atmosphere for the market
  • the market is open all year round
  • You can always find a parking space in the streets around the market, but many also come by bike.

I particularly liked the atmosphere in the wide Piazza Garibaldi: there is plenty of space here and there are still many stalls, many of them with good quality goods. They always leave a lot of space in the middle in front of the San Pietro Cathedral.

But the rummaging tables and densely packed stands with inexpensive goods in the porticos along the Misa River, the Portici Ercolani, also have their own charm (plus they provide protection from sun and rain).

If you still want to buy market-fresh food, you can then go to Foro Annonario, where there are a few gourmet stands with fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat.

Anyway, we meet up with a few friends a few times a year and go to the market in Senigallia together. I don’t always have to buy something, sometimes just strolling and looking is fun. And of course the fact that we’re still going to the sea afterwards. We’ll have a delicious lunch there and then spend some time on the beach: Last week, at the beginning of October, Ursel even went into the sea while the rest of us went for a nice long walk.

This time on the way home we even drove past “Il Gelato di Rosita”, one of the most popular ice cream parlors in Montemarciano, and rewarded ourselves with a wonderful ice cream.

What a wonderful day!

Which markets in the Marche do you like?


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