Ecco Le Marche

The beginning of Autumn is my favourite period of the year. I think that this season offers the best for all the 5 senses: the vivid colours of the trees around my place, the smell of the moss coming from the forests, the birds singing their last songs right before leaving for warmer place, the taste of the local traditional food and the pleasure of walking in a carpet of red, orange and yellow leaves.

When I was a little girl, Canfaito was the place for all that! In this magic place there is a big forest of beech trees, hence the name Canfaito coming from the Latin campum faitum. My family and I used to drive up there, but I know that you are real hikers, so here’s the details for this colourful hike! And don’t forget your backpack with food and water.

We drive towards Pian Dell’Elmo and continue to the provincial road SP90 to Matelica. On our way, we pass near Monte San Vicino on the left and we continue on the narrow road on the next sharp bend to the right. Here we have several possibilities:

– follow the Monte San Vicino & Monte Canfaito map (you can either obtain it or download it at the Tourist office of Cupramontana and San Severino Marche)

– download the two walking routes that Isabelle did with the podisti group from Cupramontana.

The path signs that you can come across with are the 209, 169 and 171.

The scenery around the Mount Canfaito are breathtaking: there are some beech trees that are even 500 years old, whose trunks have grown over the years into all kinds and shapes.

Now and then, while walking from one forest to the other the view is cleared out and the valley below uncovers itself or hide it under a cloud cover!

If you go in Autumn you may find mushrooms and cyclamen as well. But if you prefer another season you can walk on snowy plateaus in Winter, or among flower fields in Spring or even look for shady cool spots in Summer!


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