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Cornmeal mush or polenta. It is such an easy dish, however it has several ways to reuse also its left-overs. Mamma Graziella today is going to show us maybe the easiest recipe in Marche’s tradition. There are just two ingredients:

  •      cornmeal flour
  •      water

..and that’s it! Of course also for the polenta we are taking one of the most traditional ingredients in our area. If you are nearby, you should definitely buy the flour which is produced by the local mills, like for example the one produced by Mulino Bravi.

Usually the amount of water is half the one of the flour, namely 400 gr of flour and 2 litres of water. Simply pour the flour into the water, as soon as it starts to boil on the bottom of the big pot, and then stir firmly. Watch the video to see how it should look like! You can eat it together with a ragu sauce/ mushrooms and sausages/ just parmesan cheese!

But..WAIT! It’s not over! Try to prepare more polenta than what you actually need, because the leftovers can be reused, and in my opinion, they are even better that the polenta itself 😉


While in Northern Italy the cornmeal flour is only use to prepare a very thick polenta, we do everything we have to be the most creative! If you like savoury dishes, you can mix the polenta with some flour and grill it. In doing so it becomes the famous crescia. You can eat it with salami and vegetables, so typical!

Or, if you are a big fan of sweet (like I am), you can mix the polenta with some flour, again, and then fry it! Add some sugar and..yummy! Look at my face, it’s probably one of the best thing in the world 😉



Like always, if you try this recipe, please share it with us!!!! Let’s spread our traditions all around the world!


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