Ecco Le Marche

This part of the year is usually dedicated to an outdoor picnic and family-friendly excursions. This is mainly because we have in Italy 2 major bank holidays that can be celebrated together if workers are lucky enough to get some days off, namely 25th April, the Liberation Day, and 1st May, the Labour Day.

If would like to experience a real outdoor day made in Le Marche, you should read this post carefully. Today we are bringing you to the famous Lame Rosse, also known as “the canyon in Le Marche”. These amazing natural sculptures are situated near the Fiastra lake, which is the perfect place for the picnic mentioned before 😉

If you leave your car near to the dam, you can easily find the path that leads to the Lame Rosse. The path is easy at the beginning: the gravel road is inside a little wood of holm oaks, very pleasant to walk in. At the first crossing path, go on the right and on the second one continue on the left. The challenging part is at the end of the 3km path: the steep road that leads to the Lame Rosse.

These formations are formed by gravel and clay that have been shaped throughout the years by rain, wind and snow. You can spot them already at the bottom of the last steep road, but you must climb up for another 15 minutes to admire them all.

The last part requires good shape or, as an alternative, sticks to help you go up.

The last steep road

The view is magnificent: the Lame Rosse are changing even nowadays, and for this reason, please be careful not to walk too near to them. At the same time, you shouldn’t touch them, as the erosion is an ongoing process and you never know when it can happen!

If you are fit enough, you can proceed further in the woods, but I didn’t dare to go! 😉

Total time is about 3/3 hours and a half. The perfect time to add a picnic before or after!


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