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You may know by now that, sadly, VERY sadly, I don’t live in our beautiful region since last year. I try to go back to see my beloved green hills as much as possible, and every time I am sure to bring back a big suitcase with me.

Vì de Visciola in Norway

This year I only managed to go back twice: once I brought the Verdicchio with me, and the second time I took “Vì de visciola”. This is a very common wine for us, perfect for dessert. Are you curious to know something more about it?

First, visciola is the dialect name for sour cherry, and is the dialect for vino, wine.

The Visciola cherry here in the Marche is a variety of wild sour cherry: darker and smaller than the usual sour cherries or Amarena that are much more famous.

As a rule, cherry wine is made from Visciola cherries, sugar and Sangiovese red wine (the same type of grape used in Tuscany for Chianti!). The proportion of wine probably makes the cherry wine so strong (Alchol Content up to 14%). Some add grappa, grape must or their own spices – so everyone has their own recipe. The whole thing must ferment in the first 3 months and be stirred daily. After this, the wine should then rest for the upcoming winter months before being filtered and developing around 14 percent alcohol. The Vi ‘de Visciola is often served as a dessert wine or just like that, along with almond biscuits that I personally love to dunk in the wine.

From the cherries you can also make a delicious jam, that is very dark. Here you can have a look at the jam’s making process.

If you want to try Vi ‘de Visciola, you can take a look around the vintners of the area. Or go to the Festa del Vi ‘de Visciola in mid-October – the cherry wine festival in San Paolo di Jesi. San Paolo di Jesi is a fairly small town in the province of Ancona, but that gives the festival a really nice atmosphere. In addition, bands play, as did the well-known Modena City Ramblers last year.


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