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That’s me in a magic children’s world

I am often told that it is impressing how I get along well easily with children, especially when I involve them in creative activities. What I reply is that there is only one way to enter a child’s world, and that is to remember how it was when we were children ourselves. Sometimes it can be really difficult to go back in time, but I think that the magic place that we introduce to you today can help you in that.

Isabelle and Erik, her husband, visited the enchanted forest, “Il Bosco incantato” in italian, just outside the village of Sefro. It is not only a magic forest, inhabited by gnomes and fairies, but also a piece of art, if we consider that all the sculptures that you see there are created by the Marchigian artist Laura Pennesi.

The artist Laura only used natural material, and although it was of course exciting for Isabelle to see all the little inhabitants at once in autumn, it must be even more magical to try and look for them between the green of the spring and summer. It must not be easy to spot hidden figures under and in the trees, in the grass or even..on their way to school!

The enchanted forest all at once

In addition to some of the dwellings, you will meet their residents, there is even laundry on the line.

In short, a very nice place for small children, but also for adults who are young at heart, like Isabelle, who really enjoyed her stay there. She says the more you stopped and looked in one place, the more you discovered. It is definitely a place for me, that is still on my to-visit list.

It is particularly nice to crown this visit with a picnic. Isabelle can only recommend the shop “La Nicchia dei Sapori” in town. In this family business you can buy all kinds of delicious local delicacies and even have panini, i.e. sandwiches, freshly prepared.

Isabelle’s husband Erik enjoys the picnic and the view

The trip there alone is highly recommended, you always have beautiful views of the Sibillini Mountains. And on the way back, when the children are tired of dozing and dreaming of friendly gnomes and fairies, you can enjoy the panorama and the peace of the Sibillini Mountains.


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