Ecco Le Marche

Looking for a nice but easy walk? You could even persuade your children to come along, it’s enough to say there are monsters to catch on the trail! The hiking trail is called Li Vurgacci.

The park is located in Pioraco, a small municipality between Camerino and San Severino Marche. People already inhabited this place during the Bronze Age because of the presence of mountains and water, the Potenza river.

From the 14th century that water also brought employment; the paper industry that originated in Fabriano (we talked about it in one post) opened several branches also here. Since people made paper here from recycled books that were also occasionally read, the inhabitants of this town have many more special first names than the rest of Italy!

We started the walk at the parking lot outside the municipality. You can easily park your car and almost opposite the rock wall the start of the hike is already indicated.

We recommend good shoes, because we walked up a path with loose stones. Even though the walk is suitable for children, you cannot take any strolls. At the top of the path you can stop for a moment and enjoy the beautiful view of the little village below you and even see the smoke from the paper factory.

But we are not there yet, in the distance we hear the sound of water slowly getting louder. Waterfalls suddenly emerge, as does more vegetation and the path turns into wooden decks and bridges. Beautiful environment ! You can now enter the natural gorge and look out for monsters!

There they are waiting for you at the so-called “Fossa dei Mostri”, a kind of natural space where the sculptor Antonio Ciccarelli brought to life these monsters. He was a local barber who died decades ago but his good work is still visible on all travertine rocks, from which the entire city of Ascoli Piceno was built.

We walk on, to descend almost to the river, and then go up again. Finally we reach a gate where we are surprised to notice a sign that this path is forbidden between October and April 10, due to the water being so high during this period that you cannot walk there.

The path leads behind the paper factories and the last part of the old Pioraco.

There are also 3 museums: a paper museum, a mushroom and fossil museum. The village with its colorful houses and alleys presents itself from its picturesque side, pleasant to walk through.

After that you can always visit the magic forest of Sefro since it is very closed to Pioraco.

Buona passeggiata!


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