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In November the dead are remembered in many places and in many ways, including Italy.

On November 1st and 2nd, on All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, there is a tradition in Catholic countries of bringing flowers to the graves of the deceased. So also in Italy and Le Marche the cemeteries look even more neat than usual on these days, see also our article on All Souls’ Day.

On November 4th, Italy commemorates the end of the First World War, which is why most Italian towns and villages have a Via or a Piazza IV Novembre. It is not a celebration of victory, but more a remembrance of the many, many deaths that this war caused.

Last year, Isabelle accidentally discovered the “Parco delle Remembranze” (Park of Remembrance) in Monte San Vito, which was restored in 2012.

Only at second glance did she notice that the trees there were neatly arranged in rows and that there was a grave light and a marble stone with an engraved name at each foot.

Nearby she saw a wall with a memorial plaque on which you can find the names of 99 soldiers from Monte San Vito who died in World War I, as well as one who died in the previous war in Libya.

The names can also be read on this website, because there you will find the memorials of Italy including the names of those who are commemorated there. The Parco delle Rimembranze in Monte San Vito is also included and the names of those who fell there are listed there.

A special place and also a beautiful gesture by the community to remember the dead of this terrible war!

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