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It was only last year that we visisted the Enchanted River in Cingoli. And less than a half year later, new creatures arrived into the magic river! The Gnombù or the Bamboo People have now settled among the trees and grass of the river.

We couldn’t miss the chance to get acquainted with them!

To our great surprise, we could effortlessly park our car in a parking lot just by the river. Despite all the virus vicissitudes, people had not stood still here! Moreover, you can now taste all kinds of delicious foods at different foodtrucks at weekends.

Claudia, Loris and Chiara welcomed us with open arms to show all the news. Chiara was wearing their self-designed T-shirt, ecologically and locally produced by For You Green.

The Enchanted River has really gotten bigger! Thanks to the hard work of all the local volounteers, visitors can now walk through a real bamboo forest. No wonder the bamboo people settled here! Don’t forget to pay attention on where you walk: there could be bamboo sprouts on your path!

Thanks to this rigorous clean-up, the bamboo people returned to the place they inhabited years ago!

When we speak about bamboo forests, we cannot forget that this means a lot of water. So where is the nearest fountain? There it is! Directly from the 18th century, completely renovated by the volounteers of the river. Later on, during the 19th century, it became also a washing place, which has now been rediscovered, restored and renamed: La Fonte della Badia, the Abbey Well.

A large talking board (just get close to it, to understand why it is “talking”) explained the 3 different tours:
1. The blue bamboo walk with the bamboo forest and the abbey spring.

2.The red fairytale tour with the fishing village,

and the wizard’s house.

It’s a very well suited village: look at the school and the post office where new ideas are always welcome!

Their oldest resident Gustavo:

and the bamboo people’s advisory board.

3. Last but not least, the green nature trail, where nature welcomes visitors with the glorious music of the songbirds, the whisper of the wind and the murmur of the waterfall.

Another great proof that many hands make light work and how a group of dedicated and persistent volunteers bring about extraordinary achievements! Even with a listening ear!

We found even more new residents:

Of course we paid a visit to the carpenter Ettore, who again had put together a lot:

But just like last time, people are already looking to the future. How nice it would be to make the entire route accessible for wheelchairs and prams! It already has a large part, but the river and nature still have the last word in the end; a part that had been washed away could be temporarily replaced by a staircase…

They refuse entrance fees, because they believe that it must remain a place where everyone with large or small wallets can immerse themselves in the enchantment of the fairytale river.

But crowdfunding appears to be the solution these days! Strengthened by the support of a community that transcends the boundaries of their village, they want to make this place even more useful for anyone who wants to visit it; for those with disabilities, with wheelchairs or strollers, create areas equipped for picnics, more trash cans, plant new plants and trees to help nature. Ultimately, they wish to realize a very educational project and didactic concept for schools and children.

Will you help to give this fairytale river an even brighter future? Any amount ensures that both large and small will be able to enjoy this magical place even longer:

We thank you very much in advance, from all the volounteers of the Fiume Incantato and its magical inhabitants!

To fully live the nature sounds, look at this Youtube video we made:


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