Ecco Le Marche

Soon it will be August 15th, Ferragosto’s period, when almost all Italians are on holiday. In big cities, many shops and restaurants are closed on this day, because the city dwellers leave for the coast or the mountains. It is also the time to see the family again, as many have moved abroad or to northern Italy for work.

Le Marche is usually chosen for its coast, however it has much more to offer. Indeed, the region asked Roberto Mancini (remember the trainer of the successful Italian football team that became European champion in 2021) to advertise his native region.

Under the motto Siamo pronti per una nuova stagione…siamo pronti a farti emozionare (we are ready for a new season, we are ready to make you feel all the emotions!) they created 15 short advertisement together.

We give you the links to some of those ads, the rest can be found on Youtube.

Buone vacanze and maybe we’ll see you in Le Marche!

Isabelle, Elke and Laura.


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