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In good weather, both in winter and in summer, we enjoy walking on Lake Cingoli or Lago di Castreccioni, as its official name is; beautiful views of the Monte San Vicino, the azure blue water of the lake and a flat road make it a suitable course for everyone!

On a sun-drenched winter’s day after the holidays, when everyone needs to digest the holidays’ meals, Isabelle and her husband Erik put on the hiking boots. Hiking goal? Indeed Lake Cingoli.

The reservoir was created sometime in the 1980s to become the largest man-made water basin in the Marche and even central Italy. They parked in the parking lot at Bar da Rosanna and took the walking path, which is not signposted, right past the building. (a plan follows at the end of the article)

So they descended, enjoying the beautiful views of the lake and the surroundings. To do this, they walked under the large bridge, whose pillars are a good indicator of the water level.

They followed the trail uninterrupted, which resulted in some seriously muddy shoes in places. The water constantly accompanied them, creating fantastic scenes, with the undulating hill landscapes under the brilliant blue sky.

Here and there they also noticed houses, the inhabitants of which could be proud of their panorama…

Every now and then the view of the lake, the shady spots for summer, disappeared.

After an hour of walking, they reached the end of the side arm of the lake, characterized by swampy areas.

The farmers had already plowed and sown a lot.

They took the far right path to now see the lake on their right. With the Monte San Vicino as a faithful companion !

They thoroughly enjoyed sunny weather, magnificent views and an easy ride!

The nature lover was also not forgotten, just climb the ladder to take pictures!

Slowly they arrived at Arcobaleno Beach, one of the two beach bars that are operated. This turned out to be closed in the winter. During the season certainly a nice place to refresh the thirsty person and even take a refreshing dip in the water! Or explore the lake with pedalos.

Under the bridge again and now up to the road. Here we walked on the path behind a rail and crossed the bridge.

Down to the right is the second beach, la Baia di Popeye, where you can also go for a snack. They always report their activities on Facebook, from aperitifs to music evenings with a DJ… This bar is also often open out of season.

Now back to the parking lot, to the hamlet of Castreccioni. For those stomachs who prefer something more than a sandwich, we definitely recommend restaurant Lo Smeraldo. Elke has already written an article about this.
The ruins of the castle intrigued Isabelle so much that she decided to take a small climb. At the beginning of 1200, the castle was put into use, only to change owners repeatedly. The castle was strategically important during the battle between the Vaults and the Ghibellines and often played a leading role in the battlefield. As a result, the inhabitants of the village looked at a ruin as early as the 17th century.
…and she was not disappointed ! Above Ia breathtaking view of the lake and surroundings. Part of the ruins even turned out to be completely renovated into a house!

The Instagrammers were apparently not forgotten here either!

Would you like to take an easy but varied walk with the possibility to swim, eat or canoe? Put on your walking shoes and put the GPS in the direction of lago di Cingoli! Isabelle and Erik hiked non stop for just over 2 hours.

Magnification of starting point


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