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Isabelle, Elke and I all live in the hamlet of Poggio Cupro, in the municipality of Cupramontana. Worth a visit as we mentioned in an earlier article! This year, much to our delight, the town council decided to hold the presepe vivente (living nativity scene) in Poggio Cupro. It used to be hosted in the vaulted cellars of Santa Catarina monastery, before the label museum was established there. Then came COVID-19…. so time to get the presepe vivente back out of the dust.

Elke couldn’t be there, much to her regret, because she was back in Germany for a few months. I was working the whole day, but I managed to go at the last minute.

Our village lends itself extremely well to historical events, as it almost completely preserved its medieval aspect. Through the Porta, the only entrance, you entered “Bethlehem”.

Passing the Roman guards first.

Winding through the medieval alleys, we passed various crafts and scenes. The sawmill, the shoemaker, the weavers, etc..

The merchants were also present at the roll call!

Arriving at the piazzetta, it took a while to enter the church, where of course Mary, Joseph and Jesus awaited the visitors. According to tradition, every presepe vivente baby Jesus is played by a real newborn – usually covered by many warm layers!

The thirsty could refresh themselves with Cristiano, that we met some time ago with his peculiar sculptures in another post:

Everyone was happy that so many people came to the first Presepe Vivente in Poggo Cupro, of course the weather gods really did their best !!!

Would you like to experience it yourself? Don’t worry, the event will take place again on January 6!

Thanks to Ann de Schepper for some pictures !


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