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June 24th has many traditions all around the world. It is maybe because the Saint celebrated on this day has quite a history, San Giovanni, or St. John the Baptist, or maybe because summer has officially just begun. However, we, in Le Marche, have nothing to envy to  “Saint John’s fires” abroad. Our celebration is much more intimate and patience requiring: perfect for reflexive people who love nature.
We are not going to pick up asparagus, this time, but St. John’s wort.

There are many traditions related to nature-like activities on this special day, for example the nuts liqueur making, but today we are going to talk about the making of olio ipericohypericum perforatum in Latin. This plant bears the name of St. John, and points out that the blooming time is exactly on these days. Its magic properties have been known for years, also because when people could not afford to go to a chemistry’s, the folks medicine was there to help them. Nowadays we know that the red oily extract from this plant is perfect against burns, rheumatism and wrinkles. It was used even after the battles in the Crusades to cure wounds.

What’s more, it’s very easy to make. Watch our short video to take the inspiration from!

First of all, pick the yellow flowers around June, 24th. Put them in a glass jar and water them with olive oil or another good vegetable oil to the edge. Put the pot in full sun for 40 days and remember to shake regularly. You’ll see the yellow colour changing slowly to a red one. After 40 days, filter the oil and keep it cool and dark. And tadaaan, the oil is ready!

You really don’t need to come to Le Marche on the 24th of June (well, you should, but this is another story), because this plant grows everywhere, even in the USA and UK!

Be careful only on one thing: DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF TO THE SUN with the oil on you, because this can cause burns.

Enjoy your 100% natural anti-wrinkle oil!!



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