Ecco Le Marche

Monte Murano, worthy of being conquered!

It’s Saturday morning again, and everything is ready! Hiking shoes, cap and solar cream, water and food, and we are ready to start another adventure with the Podisti of Cupra Montana. Since 69% of Le Marche is composed by a hill, I’ll guess today another climb is awaiting. We start from Serra San Quirico, which we already mentioned as an enchanting little village, bearing the Orange Flag, and we go up to Monte Murano, 882 asl, only half of the height of Monte San Vicino.  From there, on very clear days, there is a wonderful view over Vallesina and even of the Adriatic Sea.

Parking is possible in front of the city walls or also outside of the modern K3 building, once a dancing hall. We first pass near the Church of Santa Maria del Mercato church, transformed into the current theater, and then walk to the right of the building. Suddenly we see a staircase with a wooden railing on the left. We climb the stairs and now it’s time to go up!! Depending on the season, we can find different kinds of flora: cyclamen, hellebores, wild orchids, bellflowers, primroses, violets ….


We cross the road that leads to the beautiful San Bartolo fields: the shady forests now alternate with large open fields, which are in full bloom in Summer, and where beautiful butterflies are having fun. The old buildings you come across with are rarely inhabited: would you like to live up here?

On top we can see a big cross: it means you are finally there!!

There is a legend related to this cross, one involving San Floriano, the Devil and the formation of the Gola della Rossa (The Gorge that can be seen from Monte Murano, and that gives the name to the Park).

Once upon a time Floriano, a crafty and devoted pastor of Cingoli, challenged the Devil in a race from Fabriano to Jesi. Once he gained the first position, Floriano put along the trail cross signs that the Devil was forced to circumvent. What happened in Monte Murano? The last sign of the cross divided it from Monte Revellone, forming what we now call “the Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi”. So Floriano gained even more ground and when he reached Jesi his victory was announced by a festive ringing of all the churches.

It’s already time to go back! We can go along the same road or we can take a road starting from where the buildings are, and eventually come across a path to the right. Go into the forest again and continue to follow this path in descending direction until you reach a road. Turn right and keep on walking until you come back to Serra San Quirico. We now pass by another road, namely along the watchtower or the Cassero that once had to protect the city against enemies. If you’re lucky enough, the beautiful baroque Church of Santa Lucia could be open! It’s definitely worth it having a look inside: the only baroque church in Le Marche.

The walk is described in English on the website of the natural park Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi.

Buona passeggiata!


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