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Hound Dog, King Creole, Barbara-Ann, Great Balls of Fire, Shout,, we are not moving to the 50s America, and you are still on the right blog. Actually, it’s the ‘40s and ‘50s American culture that is moving to us, le Marche, to Senigallia, to be more precise.

Summer Jamboree is THE event of the summer on the marchigian coast. This festival is a 12 days nonstop immersion in the American music, tradition, hairstyle, and so on and so forth. The music is the real protagonist: there are about 46 free concerts that are held all around Senigallia. The stage, indeed, is not only the formal one, but every little corner can turn itself into a open air arena with drummers, sax players and dancers, of course. Because when we speak about music from the 40s and 50s, we can’t mention the dance, as well. It’s incredible to see how many talented people from all over the world, in their beautiful dresses, gather together and dance as if they had danced together for years. They are so skilled and make everything look so easy that nobody can resist from doing a boogie hoogie move.

Fancy a professional lesson, though? No problem! The Dance Camp is there for you! There are several levels, from the beginners to the advanced, to learn or refresh some rock’n’roll moves. Jive, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Tap, just have to have your feet ready!

It has become a habit to join the Summer Jamboree dressed up as a 50s pin up, or a handsome sailor, but, what if we don’t have the right dresses? No worries, every day there is the special vintage market with all the antiques, dresses and everything you may need. And if you are particularly meticulous you may have also your haircut done in a perfect 50s style, both hairdressers and barbers are there to make your dream come true.

And no dream cannot have the proper way to enter the scene: this is why you should definitely visit the vintage cars parade. It really seems to be back in history, so fascinating!

To spice up the event, there is also a Burlesque show, with the most seductive performers from the UK, Germany and France.

Last, but not least, also the food is so vintage! Street food is served in beautiful locations to recall diners that we usually see on TV show. And yes, I know you’re about to ask it, the waitresses are on their rollers.

The program is quite full, and involving also the beach resorts nearby: the Velvet beach, for example, hosts a cheerful Hawaiian Party every year, and dance competitions all day long. Check it on the official website of the event

“Shake, rattle and go!”

And yes, that girl on the cover, it’s me 😉


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