Ecco Le Marche

We have been repeating this over and over and over, le Marche is a unique region with everything you are looking for! We have also covered extensively the gastronomy, the nature, and the village of our region, what about some culture now?

Among the other aspects that make Le Marche unique, there are also theatres, lots of them, may they be opera, Roman, classic or amphitheatres! For this reason it is also called “the region of 100 theatres”. Actually…101, according to a recent study in 2004.

The tradition of theatres in Le Marche goes back to the 18th century, when among a population of barely 1 million inhabitants, there were 113 active theatres.

Nowadays it is not so uncommon to visit a small village, with a magnificent theatre hidden in it. Take for example the municipal theatre of Chiaravalle, near Ancona, or the theatre in Monte San Vito (barely 150 seats in what was once an olive oil mill, but in 1758 converted into a theatre). 18 different families owned the building in Monte San Vito, and when the municipality took it over in the 20th century to restore it, they had to negotiate with all those individual owners! The results are impressive!

Every theatre has a story to tell, and it has also an important artistic value, due to the frescoes vault, the wooden terraces or the fine decorations all over the foyer, such as the theatre in Macerata, with seats for more than 550 people.

Detail of the vaulted ceiling in Macerata’s theatre

Not to forget the important characters that found the good place where to grow professionally and artistically. We have spoken about Rossini in Pesaro, and Pergolesi in Jesi, Gaspare Spontini, who was born in Maiolati, named after him, after his death and also Anita Cerquetti, the soprano singer in Montecosaro. However, since the theatres became more and more important from the Renaissance on, the musical heritage in Le Marche is very big!

A coincidence: as the time of this post will be November 14th – yesterday marked the date in which Rossini died 151 years ago, and today marks the day in which Gaspare Spontini was born 245 years ago.

The opera season in our region is still nowadays very important, and every year the agenda looks more and more interesting. But it isn’t only about opera! You can choose whatever theatre you want, there will be always some opera, ballet, musicals, comedy and amateur pieces going on.


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