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Have you ever tried the smallest mask in the world? No, I am not referring to the surgical mask we, sadly, are so used to wear right now, but the kind of masks you put on Carnival. Am I talking nonsense? Not at all! The mask I am referring to is the Red Nose: the smallest and yet the most powerful mask in the world!
Just grab one of those at the entrance of Monte San Giusto, and you are ready to live the magic and joyful atmosphere of the Clown & Clown Festival.


To make you feel the beauty of this festival, we interviewed Giulia, aka Clown Caramella (candy). She is a member of the VIP Vallesina, the local association of red-nose-clowns in Jesi. Together with other 60 clowns, Giulia brings a smile and a laughter to hospitalized patients, elderly people in retirement homes and students and children of the area.

She visited the festival last year as a “spectator” more than a clown, and that’s what she suggests everyone should do! Just dive into the colourful atmosphere of this little charming village and let the child in you come back to life!

The Festival in Monte San Giusto started in 2005, with the mission to “enhance the figure of the clown in all its aspects (from the circus performer to the street artist, from the magician to the musician clown, up to the important figure of the clown-doctor) and to convey the importance and the universal, communicative and therapeutic smile.”

The Festival is not exclusively for clowns, on the contrary! First of all, the whole village is included, and you can feel it as soon as you park your car. Indeed there are beautiful and colourful decorations all around the village, from the park to the terraces to the top of the bell tower of the church!

There are not only decorations during the festival, but also shows, workshops, a reality-show-for-clowns “Clown-Factor”, street artists and international artists every year.

Of course, 2020 made the organization much more complicated, but this didn’t stop the red nose to be spotted everywhere in Monte San Giusto. Indeed the festival will be held the first weekend in October with shows and events accessible with a set number of visitors and a booking.

The festival isn’t the only occasion for people to get involved in workshops and games. The so-called GNR, Giornata del Naso Rosso, The Red Nose Day, is on October, 11 and our Clown Caramella (Giulia) has been a proud part of it on the previous editions. Children can play, adults can have fun and everyone will wear a beautiful smile! Along with the shows and workshops, there is also a lottery to help raising money for the association. If you are interested you can have a look at the VIP Vallesina website and the Facebook event .

We must look alike a little bit to understand each other, but you have to be a little different to love each other.

They say that volunteering is something you do to help and bring joy to the others but, as Giulia underlined, “those 5 minutes with the people you are “supposed” to help, are actually more helping you than others”. And in Monte San Giusto you can enjoy this same feeling by only walking on the streets!!


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