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Getting children excited for a walk is not always an easy task. You can forget about it without a WOW element. Of course the path shouldn’t be too long, not too difficult and not too hot in summer … The hike of the Granchio Nero (the black crab) meets all these requirements: exciting because you might encounter the black river crab, as well!!

This path is not too long and not too difficult because you are done in barely 2 hours, it is fairly flat and shady. Moreover, you walk a long way along a brook, which has a cooling effect and does not prevent you from playing in the water!

Years ago Isabelle and Erik tried to complete the trip, unfortunately they did not have machetes with us (yes, that’s a thing to consider), so it was not possible for them even starting walking on this overgrown path.

Recently the path has undergone some serious adjustments, so our brave and wild couple tried again! 😉

They parked in the car park behind the Santa Maria del Cammino church in 60031 Macine-borgo-Loreto (AN), at the beginning of Via Copparoni, where there is plenty of space. On the large sign they read that, among other things, the stream that crosses the area used to drive a water mill.

The inhabited part quickly gave way to a paved path in a forest. The arrow then pointed towards vineyards and olive groves.

At the bottom of the winery an arrow was missing but their feeling said to the left, well guess! Told you they were brave and wild!

They reached another grove with the brook, in which the black crab found its habitat. In winter, however, they mainly remain buried, so no animals were seen. But also during the warm period they appear to be more active in the evening and at night. It is a freshwater crab (potamon fluviatile) that feeds on worms, insect larvae, but also algae.

Other fauna that inhabits this nature reserve are hedgehogs and porcupines.

They followed the course of the stream that faithfully accompanied them, interspersed with waterfalls and a soothing rippling sound. What clear water!

In an open space, tables and benches provided a nice picnic area.

Age-old oaks certainly provided plenty of shade in the summer!

A short view of the Monte San Vicino mountain.

After 2 km and 200m difference in altitude, Isabelle and Erik ended up at the end of the hiking trail. A little further you could take a look at the municipality of Castelplanio.

They took this walk at the beginning of winter. The walking path was restored in a positive way. Don’t forget to bring boots if you are taking the trip after rain.
Really recommended for families during the hot days. If you see the black crab, take a picture of it and send it to us! But with respect for nature!


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