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25th of April is a very important date for us Italians, as we celebrate the Anniversary of Italy’s Liberation. Most Italian cities, but even villages and/or hamlets have a war memorial in memory of those who fell, usually during the two world wars. Wreaths are often laid on April 25, with the local fanfare playing the Italian national anthem and, of course, the world-famous partisan song Bella Ciao.

In addition to monuments, some villages may also have the so-called remembrance parks. We already wrote about such a park at Monte San Vito. This one commemorates WWI.
In San Ginesio, in the south of le Marche, we discovered another Parco della Rimembranza or delle Rimembranze (of the memories/commemorations) dedicated to both wars.

As can be read on the sign, the park was designed in the 1920s, the fascist era, with great attention to the fallen of WWI. You will also find the typical ornaments and statues from that time.

The architect of the park Guglielmo Ciarlantini designed the park with all kinds of symbols:

On the plan at the entrance we read the blueprint of the park was that of a basilica, in which each tree represents a dead soldier. The purple dots turn out to be the fallen on the battlefield, the blue the soldiers who died during the war. The architect chose trees to represent immortality and resurrection.

In the centre there is a monument, that represents the altar and the trees around it symbolize the dead officers and those who received awards. The 2 cypress trees next to it represent the two gold medals.

After WWII, the names of the victims of that war were added to the monument.
Through two memorial plaques within the city walls we learned that the partisan group Vera turned out to be very active here.

The park can be found just outside the Porta Picena city gate of San Ginesio. Discover the coordinates here.


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