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We mentioned already in one of our very first posts how the word palio has much more to entail than just what Palio di Siena does.

It is especially the case of Jesi, which every year starting from May 4th re-enacts one of its most important historical moment with a very long party. In the 13th century, Jesi was a county that included 20 castles, namely the Castelli di Jesi. One of the patron saints of Jesi was Saint Florian, who was celebrated regularly on his death day, May 4th . On this occasion, the leaders of all the Castelli used to meet in the old Saint Floriano church and give the dignitaries and governors of Jesi their banners (also called pallium or palio) as a sign of submission.

The occasion was really important, and a procession of knights used to march towards San Floriano square, which is now called Piazza Federico II. The knights of the various Castelli participated in the order of their importance: they waved their flags as they moved in and swore obedience and loyalty to the city of Jesi.

After the ceremony, music, dance, games and competitions were celebrated extensively, which was certainly a welcome change in the life of the medieval people of this area.

Nowadays, the word palio is a tournament in which different districts or municipalities take part. In Jesi today, the former Castelli still compete against each other for the festival of the Palio di San Floriano. The festival includes various competitions and events, with the top competition being archery. It is indeed in this occasion that the winner receives a banner (palio) of the city at the end to keep it until next year and to defend it in the competitions.

The city of Jesi usually turns itself into a real medieval castle with re-enactments, medieval battles, fire-breathing and, of course, medieval food.

This year unfortunately it is impossible to celebrate it live in the streets of Jesi, however the organizers found out a way to gather together all the lovers and passionate: the Palionline. A wide variety of events, including competitions, are now taking place online. This means that no matter where we are, even far from Le Marche, we can attend the Palio!

The organizers have brought it up really big so that it is as easy as possible to watch: you can follow the program from May 4th to 10th via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter – whatever you like.

Medieval recipes, photos, lectures, musical performances, online shops, medieval dances and plays are available. And surprisingly there is also archery waiting for you.. how? This is a big surprise.

Here is the program: Palionline well as a list of the different channels that can be used:

FACEBOOK: Ente Palio San Floriano
YOUTUBE: Ente Palio San Floriano
TWITTER: @San_Floriano
INSTAGRAM: entepaliosanfloriano
TIKTOK: entepaliosanfloriano

As a foretaste, the announcement video (teaser):

And while you are savouring the medieval atmosphere, we all wish to come back next year and see it live!


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