Ecco Le Marche

Are you looking for an easy walk, preferably in the shade? Il Percorso delle Acque in Pieve Torina is the perfect choice! It is an easy walk of 8 km roundtrip along the torrente Sant’Angelo that connects the village of Pieve Torina with the hamlet Fiume (literally meaning river) and its beautiful water mill. You get why it is called “The walk of the waters”.

To start the walk, you can park on a small parking lot right in front of the two gates. You can see the coordinates here:

Along the path you can find some tables for a quick picnic, and mostly a very nice shade to enjoy especially in Summer! The path is suitable also for strollers and wheelchairs. On a cross road there is a small bridge and a rock formation with some natural pools. However, it is strictly forbidden to climb on it, as it is very slippery.

After some bends and a nice walk among cultivated fields, you will end up in Fiume, a very small village which preserves a beautiful watermill. Inside, you can still see some examples of old machinery two large millstones, a smaller millstone and a grinding wheel.

A really nice walk especially for these hot days!


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