Ecco Le Marche

We had never experienced such a late summer in Le Marche. Sometimes the thermometer even showed 30 degrees! But the landscape around us is slowly adjusting to autumn and is showing the first shades of brown, red and yellow.

On beautiful sunny days, you are naturally drawn out into nature to enjoy the beautiful “foliage” (as the autumn colors are called in Italy). However, you should avoid the weekends, because the most beautiful destinations will then be full of hikers:

Tip 1:

One of the favorites is the ancient beech forest of Canfaito. Such a beech forest is rare in southern Europe anyway, because the trees prefer cooler regions. But this one here is a real eye-catcher because of the old, often bizarrely overgrown trees.

Tip 2:

If you – like us – are traveling in the Verdicchio wine region, then you should definitely take a walk through the vineyards. The Vendemmia, the harvest, is already over and the leaves of the vines are turning from yellow to red. In the Verdicchio town of Cupramontana there is a beautiful route in the valley of San Michele, one of the premium wine locations in the area.

Tip 3:

If you like it sporty, you can tackle the hike with the 430 (!) steps to the hermit cave of Saint Sperandia. I was there in plain Summer, but it will definitely be worth it during this time.

We have so many beautiful hikes in Le Marche that there is something for everyone. Just go to our menu bar under the heading “Nature. Hiking and cycling.” look, there are quite a few suggestions.


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