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Easter 2021 (well, also Easter 2020) is nothing but usual for us, in Le Marche. In fact, we usually go out and enjoy very big meals (that last between 3 and 4 hours) in restaurants or with our families on Easter Sunday. This year we are forced to celebrate at home…however, this cannot prevent us from eating!

Here is an example of the so-called “Easter breakfast”. It’s very, very rich in flavours, from the savoury to the sweet ones, and yes, it’s just for breakfast. This is because back in the day the farmers would stop and enjoy the Easter morning as a truly day of celebration, the most important one for the Christianity. The women would put every effort in preparing a very sumptous meal, and I am sure the families were very satisfied and please with it.

In my family we are still following the tradition of the colazione pasquale marchigiana , but we are not using the lamb (I mean…in the morning it’s not very tasty) and the frittata (just because the tradition wants a typical wild herb to cook with the eggs – the lesser calamint – that neither my mum nor me know how to recognize and find in the fields).

Nonetheless, our breakfast is not bad..

Mamma Graziella has already shared some recipes with us, but here are the direct links again!

Pizza di Formaggio is the real queen here – an ensamble of cheese! If you want to recreate the royal couple at home, you should definitely try it with ciauscolo salami.

Calcioni is something for the bravest – cheese, lemon and much more for a flavour inbetween sweet and savoury!

Then it’s time for the ciambella di Pasqua – this is a very complex and long recipe. It took so long effort that my grandma used to bake 30/40 ciambelle (doughnuts) at the same time, so that she wouldn’t bake them again till the next year.

This year I tried a new recipe (I should call it – recipe for dummies). It has nothing to do with the original ones, but I can say that the look was quite similar with the original (and I covered it with chocolate because… c’mon it’s Easter after all).

And then last, but not least Pizza dolce di Pasqua, which is baked in the same form of pizza di formaggio, but it is filled with canditi – candied fruits.

Part of the tradition is also the so-called pingiovo – a flower called muscari – used to paint the Easter eggs. At Ecco Le Marche we tried our best to paint them, but we didn’t succeed as expected… the egg came barely coloured, not any closer to a blue colour (as the traditions has been always telling us…).

Happy Easter from Le Marche!


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